Small lamp lost in the headlight - retrieval tool

Do you have any tips on which tools to use in place of special tools, or know the sizes of important fixings?
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It is possible to loose the small headlamp bulb - W5W into the headlight assembly.

It is unlikely to happen with the standard filament lamp but an upgraded or LED version may easily become detached from the holder when removing the lampholder from the reflector. The LED lamp will then pop out of its holder, fall into the headlight and end-up resting on the reflector, just out of reach but visible through the lens.

It is not possible to remove the front plastic of the headlight so the solution to retrieve the lamp from the headlight is the tool described below.

Lamp retrieval tool for Citroen C3
Lamp retrieval tool for Citroen C3

The tool consists of a length of 1mm single core cable. The cable is flexible but strong enough to keep its shape when bent.

Attached to one end of the cable is a super sticky pad one of these from amazon. You get many in a pack, so you can change the stick pad should it loose it's ability to pick-up the light bulb.

lamp fell into the headlight and how to remove it - tool
lamp fell into the headlight and how to remove it - tool
small lamp on the reflector retrieval tool
small lamp on the reflector retrieval tool

Remove the H7 lamp to gain the biggest aperture and feed the sticky pad end of the tool into the headlight via the H7 fixing point.

Look through the headlight lens and guide the tool to the lamp, the sticky pad will attach to the lamp and you can withdraw the lamp with the tool back through the H7 fitting.

If you need some proper fitting, standard W5W lamps, give these Osram ones from Amazon a go :)
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