Diesel Injector Clamp Nuts and Injector Pipe Nut

Do you have any tips on which tools to use in place of special tools, or know the sizes of important fixings?
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Think: Special tools, spanner sizes and torque settings for bodywork and running gear
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Use a 17mm Crows foot spannerto slacken the injector pipe nut.

Use a 7mm ball ended allen key socket to slacken the injector clamp mounting nuts.

Haynes Manual for Citroen C3 Diesel and Petrol 2002 - 2005 is very useful for working on the C3 engines.
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Gearbox: Manual 5 speed


My C3 1.4 8v uses a 13mm bolt for the injector clamps, the pipe was a 13mm on the injector and 14mm on the pipe.

However when cleaning the injector wells I found a short piece of 2 X 1.5mm cable was just the right size to block the hole at the bottom to let me clean without too much rick of crap falling in the hole to the cylinder.

I didn't want to buy a 200 pound (only Facom one on my island) 1/4 torque wrench so I use a fish scale:

Torque needed = 15nM so 1.5kg on a 1 metre bar so 3.0kg on 50cm bar ..... I used a 20cm short ratchet so pulled till my fish scale showed 7.5kg.
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