Theft of vehicle number plates - FIX

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Vehicle number plate theft is a national problem that has increased in recent years in part due to an increase in the use of speed cameras, a rise in fuel costs and charges to use certain roads (tolls). Offenders have looked at ways to hide the identities of their vehicles so they can engage in criminal activity whilst avoiding detection by fixed and mobile ANPR systems.

Number plates are being stolen from vehicles of all makes, models and ages including all versions of the Citroen C3.

How to combat it?

Special non reversible screws have been developed to help combat this crime (see links below). The number plate screws are special one-way devices that cannot be unscrewed once fitted, require special tools to remove or damage the plate in the removal process. Any attempt to steal the plate would require force, causing the plate to break or an excessive amount of time. Some of these approaches can be combimed to make your plates less attractive to the theif or even unusable.

Traditional number plates are fixed to vehicles using plastic bolts. It is recommended that double sided tape is used and to replace the plastic bolts with the non reversible screws. This makes the plate harder to remove and also may well lead to the plate breaking and therefore rendering it useless.

When you have some spare time, why not have a go at this very easy 'DIY' task yourself? Just arm yourself with this kit from Amazon (click the link) (special screws) and for extra protection you can fit these (click the link) (sticky pads). If you get stuck, there is possible an option to ask a friend for help.
Citroen C3 number plate fixing
Citroen C3 number plate fixing
The security screw shown fitted to the front plate of a Citroen C3.

Number plate security bolts for a Citroen C3
Number plate security bolts for a Citroen C3
The kit includes the special tool that is used to install the security fixings and they leave a very professional finish. Use with double sided foam tape designed for this purpose (available from ebay - click here).

Number plate security one use screws
Number plate security one use screws
Alternative security screws (click here). Installed using a standard flat bladed screwdriver, they only tighten and won't unscrew. Use with special foam tape (from here - ebay) to provide added security from theft and inconvenience of having to replace the plates before the car can be driven on the road again .

If you find yourself needing new number plates for your C3 you can follow this link (click) to a pair of fully DVLA approved and MOT test compliant plates (front and back) for delivery. Add a message to seller with your correct registration number.
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