Standard key fob upgrade to a flip sytle

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Its is possible to upgrade the original style key from early Citroen C3 models to the flip or flick style that retracts into the fob body as found on later model cars.

You need to select the correct part from the description below and then get your existing key blade copied onto the blank that come with a kit. Cutting can be carried out by most local key cutting shops. Supermarket machines won't do it and national chains tend to shy away from cutting onto a blank supplied by the customer. There is no need for the key cutter to do any coding/decoding/cloning or any other expensive work. The parts from your existing fob will be recycled :)

To order the right parts:
Look closely at you key and compare with the keys shown here. Check for the groove along the blade edge present or missing to match yours and if its a 2 button or a 3 button fob.

3 Button fobs will need opening up to see the battery placement, but also check the blade for a groove/no groove, compare the pictures to be sure you order the correct part as they are not interchangeable. 3 button fobs are listed here.

The fobs above are after-market retrofit 'upgrade' fobs, not a like for like replacement for a worn fob. If you are just looking to repair a fob, try this list of C3 fob parts to repair

The video shows the process on a Citroen C3, 2 button (without a groove) fob upgrade. The blade has already been cut.

Converting basic key to flip style ...
Converting basic key to flip style on a Citroen C3 2002

This topic C3 fob parts (here) has some pictures of the original fob and its parts.

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