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Over time and particularly after not using the car for an extended period of time the seats started to show some spots of dirt and overall looked grubby.

A cost-effective solution was sought and the results are quite impressive. The photos show the spot area that was the worst affected and it made a great improvement. But there was enough solution left over to clean the whole of the rear seating and the two front seats and backs. The drivers seat was tainted with a brown discolouration and this was restored back to its grey.

The tools to use to clean the Citroen C3 seats in this topic were:
  1. Shout Triple-Acting Stain Removing Spray 500ml (amazon) costing £2
    This product comes with a trigger spray that makes application easy and allows for a precise application of the cleaning solution to the seat.
  2. An agitating brush, not too stiff and not too soft, this Addis pot cleaning brush on Amazon, for £1.50 was ideal for the job.
  3. And a microfibre cleaning pad like one of these from eBay they usually are supplied in multi-packs but only one was used and it can be reused after cleaning.
  4. A vacuum cleaner to remove any residue after it has dried and a clean-up before if necessary

Tip: Vacuum the seating if needed before proceeding with the clean.

Spray the affect area with (1) Shout, eventually the whole seat cushion was covered after the spot cleaning was seen to be successful.

Before: Citroen C3 dirty stained seat for cleaning
Before: Citroen C3 dirty stained seat for cleaning

Agitate the spray with the (2) brush to work the cleaning solution into the fibre of the upholstery, add more solution if it dries out too quickly. The brush action helps to release the dirt.

During: Citroen C3 howto seat cleaning in progress
During: Citroen C3 howto seat cleaning in progress

Wipe the seat with the (3) microfibre cloth to lift of the dirt and excess solution.
You should be able to see the stain or dirt disappearing as you clean.
If the stain persists, then repeat application of the solution and use the brush to work it in well and then wipe the dirt off again.

Work your way around the the other seats, we used this on both large areas of the cushions and defined spots that showed staining and the difference was a transformation.

With all the seats wiped and dried use a (4) vacuum cleaner to collect the residue and dirt from the seats and have a look at your clean seats.
After: Citroen C3 clean car seat solution
After: Citroen C3 clean car seat solution

The cost was small, yet the result was quite impressive.

Unlike some cleaning chemicals the resulting smell wasn't unpleasant and disappeared after some airing.
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