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A known working OBD2 reader for the Citroen C3 when you have an engine management light on.

Use this OBD2 reader for a quick and cheap route to reading engine fault codes for all petrol models and most diesel models from 2004 that a dealer would charge you way too much money for the same information.

If you have a pre2004 diesel C3 or need to read non-engine faults (ABS etc), use Lexia tool instead


AL319 is a well received, budget friendly C3 OBD reader.

The reasoning that the product is budget friendly comes from a simple calculation. For a Citroen approved garage to read your codes would cost around £85. This is for one read of the codes and they may not even tell you what those codes were :o You may get a bit of mechanic knowledge for 'common faults' but they will still charge you for further testing and replacing parts.

If you read the codes yourself for half the cost of the garage it is a good deal. But the greatest advantage is the next read, and the read after that. It may take several reads of the codes during the diagnostic process and each subsequent read is 'free'. (free as in free beer). You can make the reads at your convince, rather than when you can get the car booked in and if it is a non-runner, there is no need to transport it to the garage to grab the check engine codes.

Further cost saving stack up with the next fault (hopefully not) or even a friends car giving a check engine light. The generic OBD2 readers linked will work with most cars so there is less need to rely on a garage to read the fault codes.

What to do with the codes? Take a copy of them with your phone camera and ensure the information is readable or write them down. Add them to your forum posts.

The generic scanners can help in most situations but not all. Particularly the early diesels will require or even just benefit from a full lexia system that gives much more information than a basic OBD2 is capable of.

Code Reading Tip wrote:A tip for reading MIL fault codes

When presented with a MIL, read the codes, make a note of them. Then clear the codes, as many as will clear and try to start or run the engine. Bring the car to the position that the MIL returns. Then re-read the codes. It is the latest read, the freshest codes that are most relevant to the current fault.

The first code read will include historical faults that can confuse the list of faults with ones that are not relevant to the current Engine Check Light situation.

With the useful code reading tip you can see that multiple reads of the fault codes is a good start. This is something you may have to pay extra for (another code read cost) at a main dealer and having your own device makes these subsequent reads quick, easy and at no extra cost.

Take your pick from Amazon (click here) or eBay (click here) for quick delivery of a basic code reader to your door. Both links have a similar price but Amazon prime members may prefer the amazon link and those with paypal funds may prefer the ebay link ;)

The C3 diagnostic port is often found in the glove box, behind a plastic removable door.

Citroen C3 2002 - 2005 OBD (Diagnostics) port is in the glovebox, behind removable cover, just pull the over to reveal the socket.


Citroen C3 2006 - 2009 OBD port is above the first fuse box in the glove box.

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