Ignition barrel replacement guide

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Model: C3 Picasso
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Engine name: DV4 diesel (70 PS)
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Also, I did manage to successfully perform the ignition barrel switch. I followed the same process as I did on the bench (shown above). Only this time as I was in the car, I put down an old curtain so that I didn’t get any sparks on the interior. In fairness, I needn’t had worried as the sparks were relatively minor, it was more just grinding dust that left a mess on the curtain if anything.

The trim panel around the steering column was pretty straight forward to remove, two screws underneath then just prize the two pieces apart. Obviously before getting to work with the grinder I moved all the cables clear but that was about it for preparation.

Grinding went well, took a few minutes and the bolt was out. Then it was just a case of slipping the new barrel in and putting the trim pieces back together. I replaced the ignition barrel security bolt with a regular m4 Allan key bolt if you are wondering. The barrel would have been rattling around if I hadn’t done that. I also kept the original transponder ring in place from my car and switched the new key blade onto my old fob so no issue with immobiliser not working. All good.

All in all, without hiccups, changing both door barrels and ignition I estimate could take between 1-1.5hours start to finish. Having said that, it didn’t take me that long, more like 5-6 hours. Hopefully this info will save someone a bit of time in the future... only time will tell!
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