Getting the C3 to pass the MOT test

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Getting your C3 through the MOT test

Citroen C3 MOT testing
Citroen C3 MOT testing

Here are some tips on passing the MOT test by doing some simple checks before you book your MOT test online (click here).

Replacing the parts you find on your own pre-mot check, either yourself or by your choice of mechanic can save the inconvenience and heart sinking feeling when the testing garage utter the words 'failed'... and possibly save some money in the process.

1. Lamps
Test all the lamps. You will need the help of a second person to view the brake lights. Indicators should show a vivid orange colour, the front indicator lamps are known for getting weak on orange colour. Here are tips for replacing rear lamps and tips on replacing the lamps in the headlight.

2. Tyres
Tyres need at least 1.6mm of tread across the central three quarters and around the entire circumference of the tyre. Bulges are bad and so are incorrect tyre pressures. Check the tread depth with an inexpensive tread depth gauge (available here). This link has information on tyres for your C3.

3. Wiper Blades
Wiper blades need to be effective and there must be screen wash in the reservoir.

An upgrade to older wipers with easy fit ones can be found in this topic (here). Find standard C3 wiper blades here or here on ebay.

Screen wash is an easy job to do with 5 Litres of Ready Mixed Screen wash delivered to you (click here).

4. Mirrors
Missing or broken mirrors or cracked mirror glass will cause a fail. You can find easy to fit replacement mirror glass or complete mirror units that are correct for your particular C3 by entering your registration number here. There are quite a few options on C3 mirrors, so it pays to enter your reg to make sure you are offered the correct parts.

5. Springs
Broken front springs are a common failure on the C3 models. Any broken or worn out suspension part will fail the MOT, and broken front spring are no exception. There is a post about a broken front spring in this topic. Typically springs will fail with a loud bang or deflating the tyre on the process, but those that fail quietly may not even notice while driving. Changing front springs is not something that should be tackled by anyone, but buying the right springs at a discount for the mechanic to fit can save money. Find the right springs here at Euro Car Parts. Fit springs in pairs :)

6. Ball Joints and track rod ends
Suspension ball joints and track rod ends with excessive play will fail the car. The ball joints are often left to someone more experienced and equipped to deal with, like F1 Autocentres (click to book).

You can find the ball joints at Euro Car Parts (enter your reg), but also compare the cost of the ball joint with the whole arm (that has the ball joint already fitted). Track rod ends are less challenging, and you can find them at Euro Car Parts.

7. Anti-roll bar - links and bushes
Anti-roll bar links, 'drop links' or 'stabiliser links' are quite a common fail for the C3 but luckily not particularly expensive or difficult to change. You can see a picture of top mounting of an anti-roll bar link (drop link) in this post: Anti roll bar causes knocking sound. You can buy the anti roll bar links from Euro Car Parts - C3 drop links.
The anti roll bar bushes are available here and some tips on replacing them are here.

8. Exhaust
Exhaust leaks on your C3 will cause a fail and getting someone else to replace the exhaust is usually a good idea, have a look for a F1 Autocentre where you can book an appointment online. The rear exhaust hanger is a common failure as these rust with a vengeance, this topic covers the rear hanger, which is quite easily replaced.

I am sure the list will grow, all tips are welcome :)
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Diesel Engine Smoke or Emissions Test

A blocked air filter can cause problems for the emission test. Its a simple job to change the air filter and they are not expensive. You can change them weeks or days before the test and still get the benefit.

C3 air filter for diesel engine with 8 valves (here) and C3 air filter for diesel engine with 16 valves (here)

Older cars may suffer from slightly blocked injectors giving a poor spray pattern, this can show up on the emissions test. Adding a double or triple dose of This (Millers injector cleaner) from here well in advance of the test can help clear up this potential problem. You will need to go through several tanks of fuel with the additive to be sure, so this should be started well before the MOT is due to ensure sufficient cleaning has occurred. Using the standard dose can help keep the injectors clear for next year.

On the test day, having the engine up to full working temperature can help the pass rate. Give yourself plenty of time and take the car for a long drive, motorway or dual carriageway are useful roads to allow full use of the accelerator pedal. Arrive at the test centre on time for the test and after at least a good 20 minute (or more) motorway run.
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Simple but effective help :D Thank you. Always worth a quick reminder before the MOT becomes a failure !!!
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