Citroen C3 with enhanced traction (LSD)

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Citroen C3 with enhanced traction - Limited Slip Differential - (LSD)

Citroen C3 LSD
Citroen C3 LSD
Citroen_C3_LSD.webp (31.63 KiB) Viewed 77 times

The vehicle with enhanced traction (LSD) is distinguished by the following features :

• Fitting of a BE4 gearbox equipped with a limited slip differential (1)
• Ground clearance raised by 35 mm at the front and by 25 mm at the rear
• Fitting of protective plates under the body

Note: The action of the limited slip differential is permanent and does not require any intervention by the user.

Available as a 5 seater version with the 8HY (DV4TED4) engine and 20DM25 MR-BE4 manual gearbox designated as FC8HYB.

Along with a special Utility version designated as FR8HYB and the same engine and gearbox specifications

The wheels at 15" and tyres fitted for road are 185 - 60 - R15, while the all terrain tyres are 185 - 65 - R15

There is additional under car protection fitted to these models consisting of:
  • Under engine protection plate in 3 mm thick steel.
  • Under body protection plate on the LH side.
  • Under body protection plate on the RH side : HDI vehicles : Fitting of a punched plate at the diesel cooler location.

Citroen C3 under tray protection
Citroen C3 under tray protection
Citroen_C3_under_tray.webp (19.81 KiB) Viewed 77 times
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