Auto Air-Con (Climate Control) control panel buttons

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Citroen C3 Air Con Control Panel
Citroen C3 Air Con Control Panel

The control panel for the 'automatic air conditioning' or 'climate control' fitted to some models of the Citroen C3.

The climate control only works while the engine is running and can be deactivated by the computer.

If the orange display is blank, press the + for the fan speed. This will set the fan speed and enable the display.

There are several modes of operation including a special program to demist the windscreen, an automatic mode and a manual mode. Both automatic and manual can be operated with or without the air conditioning but the car can't be made cooler inside than outside without the air conditioning enabled.

To activate the windscreen demist program mode
press the windscreen button on the top left of the control panel, the amber led will light as the program engages.

This mode puts the air condition 'on' and directs the full blower motor effort to the windscreen. It doesn't take long to clear a misted windscreen with this mode and when completed, press the button again to switch the special program off.

To engage 'automatic mode',
as in climate control, or automatic air conditioning, you only need to use 2 buttons. Firstly press the auto button on the bottom left of the panel,

then set the temperature that the automatic air conditioning will try to attain using the + and - thermometer buttons.

This program will vary the blower fan motor to attempt to set the cars interior temperature to the setting selected and displayed on the orange screen. If there is a big difference in temperature between actual and requested, the fan speed will be higher and as the requested temperature is reached the fan speed will reduce. When the actual temperature meets the requested then the system will continue to monitor the temperature in the car and make fan changes as programmed.

To ensure the system can have as much control as it needs in fully automatic mode, it is recommended the face vents are left 'open' to allow the blower motor to have maximum effect.

Manual mode
To engage manual mode, press the snowflake on the bottom right to active the air conditioning

This gives greater control of the fan speed, temperature and blower direction control to the driver with the benefit of the air conditioning unit being engaged. Pressing the snowflake again will disable the air conditioning but keep the fan running and only allow the system to heat the interior, rather than cool it.

This allows control of the blower motor speed and volume of sound produced.

Temperature setting is altered by pressing the + and - with an indication on the display

and blower direction control (warm feet / warm hands control).

Multiple presses of the button skip through the possible combinations of directional air flow with a picture on the display indicating the air flow direction. If you miss the program you want, you have to press again to continue cycling through the options until the program you want is displayed again.

Automatic mode and Manual mode can be used in summer and winter, with or without the 'snowflake' button. Without the snowflake button activated, no air conditioning (humidity control) or cooling effect takes place.

The rear demister button is found on the air conditioning control panel. It is the button at the top right. Pressing the button toggles rear demister 'on' and 'off' as indicated by the amber led. The rear demister can also time out after a while.

Recirculation (interior air recirculation) is activated by pressing the car with a curled arrow button
This engages a valve which stops air from outside the car from entering through the vents. Useful if passing strong smells, but not recommended for extended periods as the air in the car can become stale.

The functions that have been set are indicated on the orange display

The C3 owners handbook also explains the controls and can sometimes become available on eBay

A forum topic post about air conditioning use is here Should I use my Air Conditioning? which expands on some of the functions mentioned above and if its been several years since your air conditioning was last recharged you can have the system checked and recharged for less than £50 when you book online at F1 Autocentres (click here)
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