AO Switchback LED indicators with DRL

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This topic is part of a series of topics covering LED headlights, Adding 'stealthy' Daytime Running Lights - LED DRL and for this one, fitting switchback indicators with DRL to a 2002 headlight.

What it will give is a DRL where the indicator usually is, but when you use the indicator the white DRL is extinguished and amber is shown. The white inhibitor is all dome inside the 7443 lamp itself.

Citroen C3 2002 Switchback Indicato...
Citroen C3 2002 Switchback Indicators DRL project

This is a 2002 Citroen C3 with the LED headlight mod, the stealthy DRL mod and the AO indicator switchback mod. They are all inter dependent but were completed at different times.

This AO switchback relies on the Adding 'stealthy' Daytime Running Lights - LED DRL but it would work without it.

The first of this post will cover modifying some of these AO switchback LED units from ebay to fit in-place of the C3 indicator.

Switchback LED indicators Citroen C3
Switchback LED indicators Citroen C3

These are the modified T20 units from ebay, soldered into an indicator base with the fly lead connected to the 'white' part and the central pin connected to the 'amber' part. The two 'common -ve' are soldered to the base and its all held together with hot melt glue

Those 7443 dual colour AO switchback LEDs are wired like this.

7443 wiring diagram
7443 wiring diagram

The yellow wire is soldered to the central pip and looped inside the lampholder to the 'amber +' lead of the 7443, then insulated.

7443 base modification for switchback indicators on a C3
7443 base modification for switchback indicators on a C3

This car already had LED amber indicators with loading resistors fitted to cure 'hyper flash' and the 7443 worked perfectly with the existing resistors. If you don't have them or they hyperflash, then fit the resistors in parallel with the indicator circuit within the headlamp unit.

Citroen C3 indicator lampholder
Citroen C3 indicator lampholder
Make the slot in the indicator lamp holder bigger to allow the fly lead to pass through.
Citroen C3 AO switchback indicators modification
Citroen C3 AO switchback indicators modification

Link the red fly lead to the red wire on the side lights inside the headlamp assembly, the lamp attaches to the indicator lamp holder.
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