2011 How to replace the door mirror

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After the wife had a slight mishap with the garage door opening, it became obvious that a new or secondhand unit was required, it needed to be power fold and include a puddle light


Secured a secondhand unit from the Sheffield area which arrived next day, cost £55. Albeit the wrong colour.
Below are the tools that I needed to complete the job, including an extension bar for the ratchet.


First job was to remove the plastic trim from around the door release , using a plastic pry bar.


Next remove the window switch from the door card, there is a small plastic cover, covering a T20 torx screw, remove screw. Then pry up the plastic section, the switch section may come apart but simply presses together again, once free, disconnect the electric connector.


Then remove the triangular plastic trim. There are two (2) clips holding it on. I removed the clips from the door and inserted them into the trim.


There are a further three (3) T20 torx screws, one (1) at the front and two (2) at the rear of the door. Remove all three.


Now the door card, there are seven(7) clips holding it in place. Six (6) white, around the bottom of the card and one (1) yellow one. See photo for the clip locations


Lift the door card off from the bottom as it sits over the metalwork at the top of the door.

Remove the two electrical connectors, one (1) black, one (1) brown. Push the cable grommet thru it’s hole and remove or cut out the largest cover to gain access to the mirror securing nut

This is where the 90 x 90 mm card comes in, curl it up and place in the hole. This will prevent the nut dropping to the base of the door should you drop it.
My 64mm long socket when attached to the extension bar would not reach the retaining nut. But if I put the socket on the nut and then pushed in the extension, there was just enough grip to slacken the nut. I removed the nut using my fingers, (caution sharp edges). All that is now required is to gently pull the mirror away from the door, taking the electrics with you


I gave the replacement mirror a good clean especially the rubber foot. I teased the rubber out slightly hoping for a better seal. I also, go make reassembly a little easier, wrapped some copper wire around the electrics so that I could feed them Thru the door without having to fiddle for cables( again sharp edges)


With the new mirror in place and secure, reconnect the electrics. Now test to see all works as it should. Once it’s working you can re-fit the door card, trim and switch. Fitting in reverse order. Most of the clips just need a good slap to reseat them.

Total time for job 90 minutes,

The plastics are quite robust and need a good tug to remove, worse case scenario is a couple of broken clips which are pennies to buy.

All that remains now is to apply some carbon fibre wrap over the red and you’ll never know.

Hope that helps .
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