P2101 Fix by 'Delete the connector'

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From work originally by Bobcatatwork to repair a C3 with P2101 and the 'delete the connector advice' with the Throttle pedal issue.

The connector for the accelerator is in the passenger footwell on a Right Hand Drive C3 because the loom is an adaption of a LHD design :roll:

This connector is only found on the RHD C3 and can go high resistance to give P2101 fault code.

For S2000PM1 as fitted to TU3 engine in Citroen C3, check for harness problems. It may be necessary to replace the multi connector on the motorised throttle unit and delete the connector under the glove box, where the manufacturer has adapted from left hand drive.

P2101 Citroen C3
P2101 Citroen C3

The advice is to 'delete the connector' and these images show the connector to be deleted and what the wiring in the passenger footwell looks like after deletion.

Throttle Pedal Connector
Throttle Pedal Connector
Connector removed for 3 P2101 repair
Connector removed for 3 P2101 repair
Citroen C3 P2101 connector fix
Citroen C3 P2101 connector fix

The adhesive lined heat shrinkable sleeving used is available here.
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