BSI Reset Procedure when starter turns but engine won't start

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My Name: steviemac1960

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Joined: Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:05 pm
Model: C3 2002-2005, Original shape model
Year: 2006 (06)
Engine Size: 1.4
Fuel Type: Petrol
Mileage: 80000
Trim Level: VTR+
Gearbox: Manual 5 speed


Before attempting the full reset try this simple trick.

1. Put key in ignition and turn ignition on WITHOUT starting engine.
2. Hold LOCK button down for 10 secs
3. Now try to start engine

Citroen C3 BSI Reset

From the website of a company that refuels BSI units.

Before sending the unit try the BSI Reset procedure as this may cure your faults:

1. Put the driver's window down, lift the bonnet and ensure all equipment is switched off.

2. Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the ignition.

3. Wait for 3 minutes, disconnect the vehicle battery and wait 15 seconds.

4. Reconnect the vehicle battery, wait a further 10 seconds (do not open doors.).

5. Switch on the side lights through the driver's window.

6. Switch on the ignition and check system's functionality.

7. Hold lock button on key down for 10 seconds.

8. Remove key open & close door test central locking system.

9. Start the engine and complete the system's check.

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