Cylinder head bolts tightening sequence (HDi)

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Cylinder head bolts tightening sequence for Citroen C3 diesel engines: 8HX, 8HW, 8HZ, 8HV or 8HY

Citroen C3 Diesel cylinder head bolts tightening sequence
Citroen C3 Diesel cylinder head bolts tightening sequence

Bolts are 'stretch bolts' and can be reused if they are no longer than 149mm

Citroen C3 head bolt
Citroen C3 head bolt

The torque is a Pre-tightening of : 2 ± 0.2 m.daN,
then a tightening of : 4 ± 0.4 m.daN
Followed up by an angular tightening of : 230° ± 5°

Deca Newton Meter (daN·m) is 0.1 of 1 Newton Meter (N·m)

Advice for head bolt reuse:

The bolts should have been thoroughly cleaned with a dry wire brush.
Lubricate the threads and under the heads of the bolts with this Molykote G-Rapid Plus.
Gently pass a tap into the holes in the cylinder block to clean the threads.

A complete set of the 10 bolts is available here should yours be suspect, exceed 149mm or show any surface corrosion. Best to just fit new ones while you are doing the job.
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