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The BlueHDi Euro 6.2 / 6.3 engines in a Citroen C3 are fitted with an Adblue SCR system that has its own dashboard warning lights. These are a combination of the words 'Adblue' that may flash and an orange spanner icon. The meaning of these warning icons are listed in the table below.

Warning indicator lamps lit Action Remaining range (until engine stop)
Image Top-up the adblue tank Between 1,500 miles and 500 miles (2,400 km and 800 km)
Image Top-up as soon as possible. Between 500 miles and 62 miles(800 km and 100 km)
Image A top-up is vital. There
is the risk that the engine will be prevented from starting.
Between 62 miles and 0 miles (100 km and 0 km)
Image Add at least 5 litres of AdBlue to the tank to be able to restart the engine. 0 miles (km) :o

The adblue warnings can also bring a worded message on the display. NO START IN X MILES is explained here along with 'Emissions fault: Starting prevented in X miles'
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