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My Name: mike currill

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After nearly 4 months of driving my new C3 1.6 hdi I am impressed with the economy. My previous car was a Peugeot 207 1.4 in which I was lucky to more than 35 mpg but the C3 is giving me in the region of 74mpg. :D I have gone from spending £40-50 pw on fuel to £20-25.
I am pleased to see that they have at long last put the speedo where it belongs-in front of the driver and given us a proper analogue one instead of the stupid digital one in the middle of the dash. All we need now is for them to fit opposed wipers as on the C4 so that the front seat passenger is not looking through an unswept area of windscreen in wet weather.
It would also be good if they found a way to put a vanity mirror on the back of the passenger sun visor on the big screen variants (not something that bothers me but the other half is not impressed).
All in all I think they have taken a good car and made it almost perfect. Addressing those three minor crticisms would make it the best car in its class bar none.
My Name: Danielsydney

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I love my C3 1.4 auto but I thought the fuel economy would be much better.
My Name: c316vHDI

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I can concur!

I have been amazed... did a 150 mile round trip fully loaded a few weeks ago and the digi-display was still showing full when I got back. Have been driving around 15 miles each say since then and I'm still on the same tank - my previous cars would of needed a refill soon after the initial journey.

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