Getting 35mpg on average

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My Name: Davefingers

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Joined: Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:13 pm


Had this car for a year. 1.4i petrol. 2008 'Exclusive' model. Getting 35mpg on average; that works out at 18 pence a mile. I expected better. The high gearing means too much time in the lower gears while city driving; too little power below 1500 rpm. The car is sturdy, wide tyres, a nice driving position; but the side mirrors are poor. Can you get convex instead of flat glass.? Also had trouble with the washer motor, wonder if it is common to have electrical faults on this model. I fixed it by twisting the pins slightly to get a better connection at the pump. That's the post. Hope you find it interesting.
My Name: Doublehelix

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Hi Davefingers,

welcome to the forum.

There are several convex door mirror glass replacements for sale on Ebay.

Some are fitted with a super-strong sticky backing that basically sticks to the original mirror, others come with a backing plate that replaces the original glass.

I would personally replace the entire glass as I'm not sure how well the mirror would defrost in the winter if it was just stuck on to the old original mirror.

Try this Ebay listing as a starter and work from there:

Not sure about your window washers and whether it's a common fault but after owning a C3 for a short while I can honestly say that the vehicle electrics can be a little eccentric to say the least at times! Are they still not working properly?

Generally, one of the forum members will help you out if they can. Repost the washer problem on it's own and see if you get a response.