Auto Express buying guide plea - C3 MkII

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My Name: VickyD

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Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:06 am
Model: Not yet purchased
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Mileage: 80000
Trim Level: VTR+
Gearbox: Manual 5 speed


Hi Folks,

I help research the buying guides for Auto Express magazine and one of the next ones I’ve been asked to do is on the Citroen C3 MkII. Therefore, I need to find a non modified car, which I can put into the studio to photograph for the piece.
Can you please get in touch with me if you’ve got a car that we can put in the studio – it needs to be a tidy example that hasn’t been modified. The spec doesn’t matter, but the car does need to be original. There will only be studio photography of the car, so there will be no dynamic shots taken at all. Only you will drive the car and you can stay with it at all times.

We do have a limited fuel budget available for the owner so if you are in a 80 mile radius to Derby or Beaulieu you should be covered. However if there are owners further afield who feel that a professional photoshoot, which would cost approximately £400, is a fair swap for their time (a photoshoot takes about 2-3 hours) and a bit more fuel, then I can obviously give them more details. Now I’m not asking anyone to do this if they don’t want to but we often get comments from readers that they would like a set of pictures of their car and this is one way of offering owners that opportunity.

If you think you might be able to help, could you drop me a line please, either via this forum or direct to my email address ( – attaching photos as I need to get the Art Editor’s approval.

Please note that the Derby photographer can work weekends if necessary.

Thanks for your time,