2011 C3 gone!

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My Name: routemaster1

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Joined: Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:32 pm
Model: C3 2017-on. The new C3
Year: 2019 (19)
Engine Size: 1.2
Fuel Type: Petrol
Mileage: 300
Trim Level: Flair
Gearbox: Manual 6 speed
Engine name: EB2DT-EB2ADT PureTech 3-Cylinder (110 PS)
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Not a problem, but just to say that our 2011 C3 110bhp 1.6HDi has gone. We have had the car from new, and it has caused us very few problems in its 126,000 miles. We have had the car regularly serviced, so no turbo issues. Apart from brakes very little has been changed and lower suspension arms. We had one injector cause problems, changed under warranty. There have been a couple of issues with abs sensors and/or rings and there has been a minor annoyance in that from the start until it went the rear parking sensors would give false positives when the car got wet. despite the agent's best efforts it has never been solved. Still on the original exhaust and the battery lasted until it gave out last month.

The final straw was the issue which I have reported about in the last few months was a weird problem with the steering . On acceleration the car would pull quite hard to the left, and when the accelerator was eased the car would come back in line. It started under hard acceleration, but over time it occurred at lower acceleration. Some suggested torque steer, but the acceleration was far too moderate for that to be the problem. I took it to a local garage who did all they could to find the problem, and they reported that they couldn't find anything well. We decided that trying to spend to fix it was good money after bad. So we sold it to a dealer for virtually no money. It owed us nothing. I expect it to go for spares.

Its a shame to see it go after 10 years of reasonably priced service. My daughter has been using it for the last 5 years, and she has decided to buy her own car.