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There are converter connectors available to allow you to connect a standard ISO radio/CD unit in place of later model Citroen C3 units:

Connects2 Citroen C3 with Aerial Connector/Straight Jack 2004 Onwards

This unit allows the factory fitted volume control unit on a stalk to control an aftermarket radio CD unit:

Connects 2 Stalk Adapter for Citroen C3 40 Pin Fakra Connector

This unit will allow the fitting of an aux source (like and iPod or MP3 player) to later model (2006+) standard head units.

Connects2 Citroen C3 OEM Aux Input Adaptor Interface

Radio removal keys for the Citroen C3 will prove useful to buy if you are making changes to the factory fitted radio:

Citroen C3 Radio Removal Keys are here
Radio removal tool for the Citroen C3
Radio removal tool for the Citroen C3
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My C3 came with a Pioneer radio. As well as no steering wheel volume control the display on the dash for mpg, average speed etc wasn't working.

I have now fitted the Connects2 adaptor as mentioned above, the audio controls work and the mpg etc display now works. Very clever little unit.
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