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Hi all

With great difficulty and 5 hours later I have successfully managed to install a sub/amp enclosure to my Citroen C3 2004 desire. As this was such a b**ch and that it took months of figuring out ways and coming across plenty of hurdles, I thought I would share this with you. The main issues being getting the power cable through into the engine bay and the blasted quick release battery terminal.

After much thought and observations I realised the bulk head was pretty tightly sealed with minimal ways to get a thick power cable through from foot well to battery (unlike my previous 2001 punto). The locations for the grommets/access to foot well/engine bay, that eople had mentioned on this forum, where not there in my car!

I went to motorman to buy yellow crimp terminals of which I used. A guy in there showed me that on the fuse box in the engine bay as pictured, there is a nut and bolt of which the power cable can be safely attached to. This was a genius suggestion as I had horrendous ideas of having to cut the quick release battery terminal off or dodgily splice the cables together by releasing some slack with the rubber around the quick release terminal. The we he suggested meant u wouldn't have to touch the battery terminal!

I spent most of the time nearly giving up on being able to feed the power cable through... And then I though I would pull on the bonnet release grommet (which is very thick) 2 coat hangers attached to the power cable, feed it through (passenger side foot well below the wiring loom). This worked. The wiring loom grommet was far too thick to cut or make a hole thick enough for the cable to go through, so this was the only option. Plenty of hours lying with my back half in and half out the car the wire finally managed to get through, simply by pulling the grommet towards myself and pushing it to the side (as there is little space). My friend then pulled it through from the engine bay. We then cable tied the cable in the Bay, connected the cables to the HU and the AMP in the boot. Here, the power cable, remote cable and rca's where put under the plastic panels on the sides of the car and it was earthed to bare plastic (sanded the paint) and attached earth ring terminal to the tail light bolt. The Rca's where fed opposite sides of the car, this is important for clear sound.

Lastly we then made sure the fuse holder was about half a foot away from the battery and that it was secure, we then disconnected the battery, attached the fuse and screwed the ring terminal for the power cable to this nut and bolt on the fuse holder (to the right of the battery when looking at it from outside) we then connected the quick release battery for power to the car and all was perfect! Bass sounds ace just need to replace rear door speakers as they are blown... Too much trap music!
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Images starting from the first one, follow the cable from foot well into the engine bay through the bulk head and shows the location of this bolt on the fuse box.

Pulling the cable through the grommet using a strong but thin length of wire attached to the new red wire. Discard the strong wire when the cable has been pulled through fully.
Arrows show the new heavy duty live cable for the AMP/SUB, the new inline fuse holder and the bolt that makes and easy connection to 12v battery power.
Citroen C3 easy power connection point for SUB or AMP
Citroen C3 easy power connection point for SUB or AMP
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The red lever is the bonnet release and it also shows the cable coming up through into the Bay with showing the fuse insert on power cable.

I hope this helps! It was such a ball ache for me as it was issue after issue but I managed it.
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Hi - i know old topic, but cant find answer about how to route cables neatly to the booth of C3.
I have spent most of the day today to get cables to the back seat level, but then it looks like all trims, including seats have to be removed to take it to the booth! Have anyone found easier way?
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Good news,
I have found an easy way to get the wire through the grommet. I bought this steel pipe, perfect for my power wire, stuck it behind the grommet then tapped it through with a hammer.


The wire slid straight through, then I removed the tube. :)
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