Pluriel - Aftermarket Radio loses Memory

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Stephen9314 wrote:However like I said in my first post I have connected a aftermarket radio to a Citroen C3 2006 Desire 1.4 Petrol, this car uised the exact same quadlock, harness adaptor and it was a ISO to Sony Radio adaptor. The memory worked on that car, that's why it's confusing me this time.
Yes, its got the same wiring for the radio, so it should work, but it doesn't, that is why you need to dig a bit deeper because there is some fault somewhere.

As C3CAR suggested, check the fuses for the stereo, particularly the one that fuses the constant live to the stereo. There are at least 2 fuses that protect the stereo one for the computer control live and one for the memory backup. It would be best to check every fuse as the manual is not very clear on all the fuses.
Stephen9314 wrote:Hi, can you explain in a more dumb way what I should do. I ain't very technical with car electics.
Try connecting your flying lead that comes from pin 4 the black ISO plug

The plug is arrowed:
black ISO plug, find pin 4
black ISO plug, find pin 4
and you can find the wire connected to pin 4 by comparing it to the image for ISO A


Now you have identified the flying lead, connect the other end to the wire that is on pin 12 of the citroen quadlock connector - or pin 12 of your quadlock adaptor plug (whatever is easier).

This should connect up the permanent live for memory backup, but it is always worth checking that the permanent live is actually live all the time as you never know what previous owners have done in previous attempts.
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