Picasso stock subwoofer location.

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My Name: dround

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Model: C3 Picasso
Year: 2012 (12)
Engine Size: 1.6
Fuel Type: Diesel
Mileage: 80000
Trim Level: VTR+
Gearbox: Manual 5 speed


I want to install a subwoofer in a c3 Picasso. Since I am lazy, an easy option is probably to find where the standard one would be fitted as all the wiring may already be done. I can find information for the C3, but not the C3 Picasso. Can anyone tell me where the factory fit sub would have been if it had been fitted? I started pulling off the rear, right boot trim to see if it was there as per the C3, but it was not coming apart easily. If I need to get this trim apart, any hints appreciated.

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My Name: jayfarnsworth

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Model: C3 Picasso
Year: 2011 (11)
Engine Size: 1.6
Fuel Type: Diesel
Mileage: 74000
Trim Level: Exclusive
Gearbox: Manual 5 speed
DPF: Yes
Engine name: DV6 16-valve diesel (92 PS)
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Hi David,

Pic owner here as well. I didn't know of any subwoofer option on the Pic. Just the four door speakers and the tweeters on the dashboard. I have investigated the wiring toward the boot a few times and never come across anything that made me think it would link to a sub.

If you wanted to run a sub wire to the boot, it isn't too difficult to put cables from the back of the glove box to the rear (I did it for a dashcam, took about half an hour to route the wire). Either you run the wire along the floor taking off the bash-plates at the doors or run it along the top. Running it along the top is the much easier option but you have to be careful of the curtain airbags and making sure that wires are behind/not fouling the curtain airbags.
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