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Please indicate if there is a Citroen CD multi-changer, drawer or cubby under the CD/Radio, if there is the Navigation unit, CD or Radio options.
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My Citroen C3 has the original stereo in I notice it says MP3 on the front of it.

How do you connect an MP3 player upto it????

Thank you. :D
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Hello leebob

If there is no obvious aux in, then maybe its just plays MP3 encoded CDs?

This is more likely if the equipment is marked MP3 (it plays MP3 encoded CDs)

If its marked aux in, audio input, or has USB connections or 3.5 jacks, then its likely you can connect an MP3 Player.
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It means it will play MP3 tracks on a CD.

the connections for other players are usually down by the 12V socket by the handbrake (but is usually an option so may not be present).
My Name: leebob

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Cheers Guys :D
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