Loss of sound from driver side speakers

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Hi, had a strange problem this morning and was wondering whether anyone else had come across this.

I'm driving along and accidently press the voice button on the end of the indicator lever. The radio sounds mutes while the voice alert message pops up on screen. Once the voice message cleared the sound volume from the unmuted radio was so much louder than before. Loud enough to give you a shock.

I quickly turn the volume down but notice the sound is only coming from the passenger side speakers. I stopped the car, went into audio options/ balance but could not get any sound out of the driver side speakers (there are three of them).

Tried the reset but no difference. I thought the sudden increase in volume must have blown the driver side speakers. Switched off the car, restarted and went back to audio options. After resetting speaker balance the sound was back and working normal as before.

There have not been any changes made to the audio/speakers. The car has 5800 miles on clock.

Is this just one of those things or do you think this could be a problem down the road.

Would be interested to hear if anyone has had similar issue.

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