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Hi all

Ive just become the owner of a C3 1.4 HDi and am new to the site. I recently purchased a speed camera detector and id like to find a way of hard wiring it into the car. Ideally i would like to have the adapter for the cigarette lighter hard wired in discretely so this would give me 3 cigarette lighter ports and a USB. The adapter looks like this:

https://www.slipperybrick.com/wp-content ... er-usb.jpg
3 in 1 car USB adaptor
3 in 1 car USB adaptor

Does anyone know the best way to safely wire it in. Ive read that using an ADD A FUSE is safe. Some people have said wire it into the cigarette lighter. The adapter has an inbuilt fuse. Also i looked at the wires going to the cigarette lighter an there white, pink and green/yellow.

Any Help would be good thanks.
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Hi JakM1

I have recently done something very similar to what you are asking.

The centre console and gear stick are a doddle to remove, this gives access to the wires on the cigarette lighter and allowed me to run cables in for an amp. This topic has pictures showing the removal of the centre console on a Citroen C3.

The cigarette lighter or the power outlet are ideal for running what you need.

Use these connectors to splice into the wiring on the car and on the modified socket - see below

Very easy to use, no need to strip any insulation off the wires.

I used one of these: cheap multi testers from Amazon just to check I had the polarities right:

The displays shows about 12v when the red probe is on the live (+12v) and the black probe is on the Ground (GND or -ve). If the display shows - (minus) about 12v (-12v) then the red probe is on the GND and the black probe is on the live.

The centre pin of the cigarette plug and socket are the positive (+12v), the ring around the outside of the socket or the contacts on the side of the plug are Ground (GND or -ve,).

You can modify this: this thing or something similarby cutting off the croc clips to leave two bare ends which can be spliced to the two power cables to the cigarette lighter socket. (use the red Scotch Locks)

Just remember which was the RED one and which was the BLACK one.

This will allow you to plug the adaptor into the new cigarette lighter socket, which can be hidden under the centre console (there is plenty of room in there).

Green/Yellow should be EARTH (-ve or BLACK)

White should be +12V (live or RED)

the Pink is used to light up the cigarette lighter socket and should not be used for powering your adaptor.

There is no need to add an extra fuse if there is a fuse in the plug section of your adaptor (unscrew the tip to check).
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