Fitted aftermarket CD Stereo/Radio and Key fob not working

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Hello people :-)

i was just wondering if anyone had the same problems as me. i bought a sony CDXGT550UIR. took the standard manufactured system out.... all wires placed as followed by map...and now after the car has been left for a while, i cant unlock it with the remote key, i have to do it manually of which sets the alarm off any ideas? not only that, the front speakers seem louder than my 6x9's ?
wud appreciate any knowledge folks :-)
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Hello lucifers_leppard,

Just a thought, have you tried a new battery in the key fob? I know its going to be a coincidence, but well worth a check.

You could try resetting the central locking computer by opening all the doors and boot, then switching the ignition on then off, close the doors and boot and then operate the lock button on the fob.

Other consideration could be a blown fuse?
Fuse 16 in the fuse board in the car, see C3 fuse board pictures is a 30A fuse that protects the central locking. Its well worth checking that fuse.

Hope this helps!
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The car battery could be drained by the new radio which puts the BSI computer into deep sleep mode.

The wiring is slightly different on the C3 than on an aftermarket stereo and can cause the car battery to drain (because the radio doesn't get switched off) and the radio can looses its memory for radio stations.

PC2-32-4 Adaptor Lead is available here

You need one of these leads and wire up to the ignition (on the cigarette lighter socket) so the radio switches off with the ignition.
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