Grey / Milky Substance on Oil Cap

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Hi All,

Again, this is really silly that I've posted three times now with issues arising in the last three weeks.

Got in my car tonight, and took it out for a drive since it had been sat all day; checked levels and stuff before hand, since my luck recently has always been something would go wrong, anyhow, all was fine, I pull up and do another double check of the levels, take engine cap off and it's all grey/milky. It wipes off, and smells like Oil.

I've recently had a new radiator on, and there's no loss of coolant, infact, it's perfect as it was when I first got it done a couple weeks ago.

I've done a bit of research, namely ... il-cap.htm

Could it be true; the condensation with the car running for ten mins at slow speeds, but just reaching normal temperature, to cause this sort of reaction?

thanks chris

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it is possible if you do a lot of stop start journeys for milky residue to accumulate on the cap but if its still doing it after long runs it should be checked to see if head gasket hasn't blown but also this would be evident in your expansion bottle if there are signs of oil in there it could be possible your head gasket is gone/going, also to note is it a thick white paste on the cap or just spots? this could determine between head gasket failure or stop start issue's
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