Fuel gauge not registering level in tank

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My Name: rich_s2k

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Hi there,

basically i have aquired a C3 Lx 1.4 from my mum to sell on her behalf so not too sure on the whole history of the car other than shes pottered around in it.

The only major concern i have is the fuel doesnt seem to register. It had run out of fuel, i put a jerry can in it.. then another £10 fuel but still not registering ?

I had the same with my Honda s2000 and it gave it quarter of a tank ?!

any ideas ?
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Engine name: DV4 16-valve diesel (90 PS)
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Hi rich_s2k, I had something similar with a new merc, not a real merc, it was a B class. Anyhow, it had been run out of fuel, or very close to fully drained. Adding £5 did nothing, another £5 did nothing, adding more and nothing. Eventually adding more and the fuel gauge shot up to half a tank!

I guessed that the fuel measuring float had got stuck, rather than the computer not registering the quantity of fuel because it took half a tank to get the gauge working again.

I would try even more fuel in it to see if that helps.

Its either that or take the fuel sender unit out, and I know what I would rather do ;)
My Name: rich_s2k

Posts: 2
Joined: Thu May 16, 2013 7:31 pm


brilliant , i'll try that tomorrow. yeah my mum let it run out of fuel the donut..

it runs fine but popped out to the shops in it and it still didn't register, ill stick a tenner in it tomorrow and see what happens ! lol
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