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My sister has a Citroen C3 2010 reg. She took it to a friend who has a garage for an MOT and he found that there was an oil leak on one of the seals. As the vehicle warranty expired in a few days he advised her to take it to the main dealer to be fixed under warranty. The main dealer said he replaced the seal but that the electrovalve that apparently also needed replacing had been delivered with a broken connector and she would have to return when the part arrived. She has been told that the part is on order and has waited 3 weeks so far. I find it hard to believe that the electrovalve is in short supply. A few days ago I received a telephone call from the main dealer advising me that the part has been received in the central warehouse and when it arrives at the dealership they will let her know.

After some searching on the internet I can only find references to the electrovalve on diesel powered engine / gearbox combinations and not petrol.
Can anyone tell me if a petrol engine really has an electrovalve as I am doubting what the garage is telling me. The vehicle is due a service soon and she would prefer to have it done by our friend rather than the main dealer. I think that is the reason they are keeping her hanging on.
Thanks for any replies.
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Welcome to the forum EricH,

Some information about which engine you are referring to would help, even the engine capacity would help, but not really narrow down the large range of engines fitted to a petrol C3 2010. Then gearbox details, air conditioning or climate control options, as all of these may use an electrovalve in their operation as Citroen didn't say - which electrovalve.

An electrovalve is just a electronically controlled valve, the name describes the mode of operation and not its function in the car, making it difficult to pin down to a part fitted to a car.
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