Timing belt replacement - how long?

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Engine name: DV6 16-valve diesel (92 PS)
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Our 62-plate Picasso 1.6hdi 8v is due to have the timing belt changed. It's not something I want to get involved in myself, but I have a (reasonably) trusted local garage. He usually charges me on a "time taken" basis, rather than book time. Sometimes I win, some times he does. I don't really have a problem with that..........

So, how long should it take to replace the timing belt and water pump (and maybe the aux. belt, to be on the safe side)?
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I don't have the book time, mine too as long as it too. But while I had the car apart, that was the time to do any extra checking and changing on that part of the engine

For me, the small additional cost of dome parts would help ensure that I wouldn't have to do it twice.

New crank sensor, replaced the TVD crank pulley, the cam belt, it's idler and it's tensioner. The water pump and the coolant. Aux belt and I think the engine mounts were done at the same time. If not, I should have as they needed changing too.

Belt change is 150k. Mine was was more like 120k and the belt looked in very good condition but the years were mounting up.
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Model: C3 2002-2005, Original shape model
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The regular cambelt replacement was 100k on older 1600 HDIs ISTR, the usual kit comes with a waterpump, tensioner and idler pulley, the items you mention, crankshaft pulley, aux belt and engine top mount are removed during the cambelt change anyway so reassembling it with the new bits effectively does not add to your labour, I will not comment on prices because I am old and do all of my own repairs so have no idea of what people charge, I did the belt on a friends picasso petrol a couple of years back and he was happy to give me £120 but this is mates price, the C3 is cramped so everything is awkward, out of interest does anyone know how much the dealers want for this job ?
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