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Hi, everyone
I posted a question in june about my C3 Power Steering not working, and after trying all the different ways on this and other forum websites to get it to work "properly" over the last four months (without using the ignition 3 times within 10 seconds life saver way). I suddenly realised the Power Steering only went off when...
A Bulb (any Bulb) failed
Wash wipe water to low / used up
Oil level low warning light
Interior light failed
I came to the conclusion that for sum reason instead of the C3 using a warning light on the display to tell the driver there was a minor proplem somewhere, it went into safe/limp mode !! Instead
Which turned off the Power Steering (People have mentioned low voltage proplems could affect the Power Steering ECU)
Therefore to confirm or deny if my theory is possible, as anyone else noticed the symptoms I've had.
Ps, everytime I've fixed above problems the Power steering as been perfect..
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