needs a complete set of glow plugs and Injector no4 replacing

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I have a Citroen C3 1.4 HDI sx 2004 and just had my car back from a main dealer after a diagnostic test (car took between 10-15 secs to start and sounded a bit louder on acceleration than normal) they said I need a complete set of glow plugs and Injector no4 needs to be replaced £596 is this a garage job or can a non mechanic but competent person do this work.want to keep cost down as much as possible there's other little jobs to be done but this the main.


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Hi Crayg30

I see you found the post on how to change a diesel injector without removing the inlet manifold:
lCitroen C3 Identifying a 'chuffing' sound from the engine bay. Diesel

There isn't currently a post on how to change the pre/post heater glow plugs, but its not a very tricky job unless they are seized in the head and then its a big problem when they break off :o :roll: It is often advised not to change the pre-heaters (glow plugs) as they are not often used. They are not used as a classic pre-heater in the common rail engines and starting or running problems won't be down to them in the UK. (it is just not cold enough).

Its well worth investing in Citroen C3 Service and Repair Manual available from Amazon if you are investigating or carrying out work yourself. The manual covers your year and model of C3.

want to keep cost down as much as possible
The Citroen C3 1.4 HDi SX 8V (2004) Diesel Injector BOSCH INJECTOR ( will set you back around £175 and the glow plugs are cheaper here so there is plenty of scope to save some money. BUT, you may have problems changing the glow plugs because they are only thin 'pencil' type of pre-heaters and are easily snapped off in the head :cry: . They don't usually need changing so try the injector first and if everything is OK, skip the glow-plugs ;)

Citroen C3 glow plug
Citroen C3 glow plug
This item fits version(s) of the Citroën C3 2004 FC_ (2002-2009) Hatchback Hatchback 1.4 HDI 1398ccm 68HP 50KW (Diesel)
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