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My wifes citroen 1.4hdi on a 55 plate had the injector seals replaced in april this year, one of them is now blwing again I have taken it bach to the garage and they are now saying that the injector is worn and needs replacing (I don't know which cylinder is leaking) as I have never heard of the injector body wearing before has anybody elase heard of this. The car has done 23000 miles
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Hello mictop

23000 is very low mileage for injector seals to go, although I don't know what makes them fail.

There is a video of the symptoms and a solution to the injector seals in this post

(faulty injector seals) ... l-t12.html
one of them is now blwing again I have taken it bach to the garage and they are now saying that the injector is worn and needs replacing
The injectors do 'wear out' - or fail. Replacing them is the solution. This forum has many tales of faulty diesel injectors.

A 'leak off' test can help identify faulty injectors.

(leak off test) ... -t314.html

I would be interested to know if the servicing has been kept up to date, in particular draining the water from the fuel filter, and then further more changing the fuel filter. On a 55 plate with 23000 miles, don't be tricked to do the servicing on a mileage-based schedule as the car is clearly under used. The servicing (drain water from the fuel....) will need to be done before the mileage limit is reached. I can see how it may get missed if the rule of thumb is followed, that is drain the water when you change the oil.

If the fuel filter has been neglected, then you may have found a reason why the injector failed, but why the seal has failed or failed again is still unknown.
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The injector seal is a soft copper ring, which when tightened, spreads and compresses to form a high pressure seal, should be good for 100,000 miles at least. Premature failure is either a faulty seal, ie bad metal, or, more likely, the injectors weren't clamped down sufficiently in the first (and second?) place, allowing the high pressure to leak past. The torque settings on the injector clamp bolts are stupidly low at 7lbs/ft and if the robot that tightened it had a bad day, then they will fail, as mine did when then whole engine blew up at 65k due to leaking injector seals. The nuts were barely hand tight! and had been fitted like that from new, as I was the first person in there after the engines untimely demise to my knowledge.
I would be asking for redress, as whatever caused the failure is not your fault and not acceptable.
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