fuel problem - faltering around the 50mph, juddering and losing power

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Just wanted to ask if anyone has had a problem with their c3 regarding faltering around the 50mph mark. I have a 2010 diesel airdream and about a year ago it started juddering and losing power around 50mph. The car went into Citroen under warranty and I was told that I would get a full report about the problem. Citroen had the car for a week and I picked it up without one word of advice on what had occured. Scroll on one year to the day, and lo and behold the same problem is occuring. When I phoned Citroen regarding this the answer was ' oh yes sir I remember when we had the car, and frankly we did not do much to it other than putting diesel additive in! When I said could you take a look again the service manager said , yes but not under warranty. I enquired why not and his reply was " I think you have been using supermarket Diesel and you should only fill up at Shell, BP or Esso. If that is the case then why didnt Citroen inform me one year ago. Anyway I would be pleased to hear any comments from the Forum on this matter. TomT.
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Hi TomT

Citroens take on the fuel quality:
The Diesel engines are perfectly compatible with biofuels which conform to current and future European standards (Diesel fuel which complies with standard EN 590 mixed with a biofuel which complies with standard EN 14214) available at the pumps (containing up to 7 % Fatty Acid Methyl Ester). The B30 biofuel can be used in certain Diesel engines; however, this use is subject to strict application of the special servicing conditions. Consult a CITROËN dealer. (or a qualified work shop.)
The use of any other type of (bio)fuel (vegetable or animal oils, pure or diluted, domestic fuel...) is strictly prohibited (risk of damage to the engine and fuel system).
So, not a mention of not using supermarket fuel, they seem to be worried about people putting paraffin or chip fat in there.

The problem you describe is more likely to be RPM related, rather than speed, but still doesn't seem to be a common problem.

You may get a wider response by adding the exact engine spec you have, the mileage, service history...
The engine is also used in other manufacturers cars.

A dosing of this diesel fuel system cleaner, may or may not indicate if you have the same cause to the problem that showed up 1 year ago.

C3 HDi fuel system cleaner
C3 HDi fuel system cleaner
Citroen C3 Diesel fuel problem cleaner in a bottle (just add to the fuel tank). A double or triple dose can be helpful in the first use to move things along quickly then switch to the maintenance dose at each fill up of fuel to keep the injectors clear.
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