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My Name: JakM1

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Recently when i was tinkering around with the cigarette lighter, i noticed that there were some cables running into the bottom of the small coin holders either side of the gear stick. On the more upgraded models they dont have coin holders because these spaces are for the electric window switches. So im assuming that these wires are for the switches when you buy the more ugraded models. I was wondering if anyone new if it was possible for me to buy a switch and an electric window regulator from a scrappy and literally just install them myself.

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My Name: Arfur Dent

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Hi JakM1

You will need the motors and the associated hardware from the doors, the switches and Fuse no F12 (30A) in the fusebox.

I would first check that the wires to the door motors are present by removing the door panel and taking a look for them (4 way grey plug with Green/Yellow, purple, grey and brown wires)

I highly recommend CITROEN C3 PETROL & DIESEL 02-05 Service Manual with Wiring Diagrams to give an insight to the workings of the C3 electrical systems :)

Its a simple circuit without computer control, so I would expect a high success rate.

Good Luck!

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