Cleaning mass Airflow Sensor

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My Name: samuelodog



Thank you.

Will give it a go this weekend
My Name: samuelodog


Anybody know which size jubilee clips I should get for C3 8V for the MAF?

My Name: samuelodog


Ok -

I got a 60-70mm hose clip from halfords.

I took off the MAF, sprayed the sensor, it is now drying.

Now - the clip I removed from the MAF was one of those pincer one use things. It just popped right off.

The halfords hose clip appears to be too wide. just. to get back on the hose.

So do I - use the halfords clip and just tighten it loads and see if it is secure? Or try to put the old clip back on. It seems to work, it kind of hooks onto itself. But may not be as secure as before?

Any ideas?

My Name: samuelodog


Hi -

I replaced the old clip in the end.

Went for a drive and.,..

The car appears now to be fixed!

Now just need to get the CPU reset to get the engine light off.

I did notice when I cleaned the Sensor that the wires were kind of dirty, but most of all - there were little black bits of flaky residue in the MAF. Could these be soot of some kind?

What could this have come from?

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