Bursts of White smoke - should I be worried?

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2003 1.4HDI 16v

The car drives fine but once the engine is warmed up after maybe 10 mins of driving, on acceleration (I guess when the turbo kicks in) a plume of smoke seems to need to be cleared out.

The harder I accelerate the quicker it blows out (the poor people behind me - I see the smoke cloud hanging in my rear view in other cars headlights) but then it seems to of cleared and generally no more comes other than the odd residual puff soon after.

I was told by an AA friend that it could be the injectors going and that will cost £1K to fix. :o But the garage that serviced it just said don't worry about it just accelerate hard more often to clear it out. Meanwhile online I have read it could be the crankshaft going or just nothing to worry about as all diesels need a good clear out.

Should I be saving a rainy day fund for maintenance? :?:

Turtle Wax ICE on a Citroen C3
Turtle Wax ICE on a Citroen C3
My Name: c316vHDI

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Sorry.. forgot to add the mileage is 65K
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I see the smoke cloud hanging in my rear view in other cars headlights)
The real test would to be in the car behind and look. The smoke in the headlights (when viewed in the rear view mirror) can be very misleading and look a lot worse than it really is.

My advice is to make sure the regular, preventative maintenance is done, all of it. If you do it yourself, or get someone else to do it, make sure all the items that Citroen advise are covered.

Use good quality oil, there is a topic all about the right oil for a Citroen C3 (here)

Drain the water from the diesel filter, or change the filter at the correct time interval or mileage (which ever comes first). And ensure all the other service jobs are done too.

Air filters are often overlooked and there is a topic for that too here - How to change the Air Filter on a Citroen C3

Some redex diesel (click here) can help to clear out some deposits that may be contributing to smoke.

White smoke from a Citroen C3
White smoke from a Citroen C3
Try a double dose of this redex diesel system cleaner (here) to see if it clears the white smoke after a tank of fuel.
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