Accelerator sticking (Diesel 1.4, 2008)

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I had my wonderful C3 for 3 days and the accelerator stuck down 3 times, this was when it was in 1st or 2nd gear and I had foot flat to floor rg getting into motorway traffic from standing. The garage have had the car back for a few days but cant identify any fault. Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone any advice please.

Thanks Victoria

PS all carpets and mats are intact and not in the way.

Additional: diesel. 1.4 cachet 2008 11,000 miles
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Hi Victoria

Did you get to the bottom of your problem with the Accelerator sticking?

These problems are nearly always the mats. Fit proper fit mats and not universal one mat fits all cars.

It doesn't seem to be a common problem with the C3 diesel to have an Accelerator sticking, so any update would be interesting.

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Mats to fit a Citroen C3
Mats to fit a Citroen C3
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Hi Victoria,

I have had this problem once also on my '54 1.4 HDi 16v.

My throttle pedal dropped by itself to the floor but the engine stayed at a tick-over whilst I was sitting at traffic lights.

I turned the ignition off and re-started the car and it revved right up to the 7000 rpm limiter.

I switched off the engine and a few seconds later I heard a "clunk" noise and the pedal returned to it's correct position - VERY odd!

I have one-size-fits-all mats but the ones in my car have the corner cut away on the right side and actually do not go under the throttle pedal - only the brake and clutch pedals.

I'm aiming to just fit a replacement pedal for safety. The pedal is drive-by-wire so it is simply a case of undoing some bolts (four I think) and a connecting sender plug and fitting the new unit. Probably will buy a new pedal unit from the main dealer but if it is astronomical price-wise, I may consider a breakers part from Edwards & Sons, an excellent Citroen specialist near me. (Not an intentional plug for them - I'm sure there are many excellent Citroen breakers out there, they are just local for me!)

I will buy a set of fitted mats also as a precaution.

Any further advice on this would be helpful as this is obviously a safety issue.


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