Rear-screen not releasing after standing for a while & replacing the battery

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The roof on our 2008 HDi Pluriel seems to be happy with life, but the rear screen no longer releases when I press the large black button at the back. iirc pressing this button used to make some motor/release sound and then allowed me to press another button which allowed the metal boot "door" to fold down. But now there's nothing when I press the large black spongy button.

The car stood for six months which killed the battery, this has now been replaced with a brand new one and the car fires up & runs fine. Except during the time it has been standing, I can now no longer release the rear screen. Unless my brain is letting me down and I'm doing it wrong?

I read somewhere here that there are a few recommended hoops to jump through after disconnecting/reconnecting the battery (although the post was entitled "C3", not Pluriel specifically). All I did when swapping our battery was take the old one out and put the new one in.

Any tips/suggestions/things to check would be very welcome


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