Pluriel rear window and roof will not work

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I would be grateful of some help please. I have a 2004 C3 Pluriel and am trying to find a wiring diagram that covers the roof, rear window operation and the setup with other electrical/control units within the car.

I have obtained the above car knowing that the roof and rear window do not open. There is also a regular bleep from the stereo The roof ECU had a plug/lead detached and when I plugged it back in, the central locking would not work. I would guess that the roof ECU was signalling that all is not locked down properly and hence the central locking would not stay locked and the radio bleeps as an audible warning of the same? When I unplugged the same lead, the central locking worked again, but the audible bleep is always there with the radio turned on.

As further background, the previous owner said that the car was misfiring and so the engine ECU, the BSI and the roof control units were changed.

I am an ex-mechanic and changed careers around 30 years ago, but I have still maintained an interest, but have not kept up with computerised systems/sensors. However, I have purchased several books, renewed my multi meter and have bought a laptop with diagnostic software on it to try and bring myself more up to date. I like a challenge, hence the Pluriel. I would love to be able to get these issued fixed before the end of the summer so I can take a drive with the roof down and raise it up again should it rain!

Without a wiring diagram, I am unsure what unit/controller/micro switch/s does what in what order to ensure that everything is powered up in the right way to make the rear window and roof work.

Another question is over Lexia 3 software and interface - will it read problems with any ECU's/sensors associated with the rear window/roof/other sensors? - would this help me to diagnose problems in this area?

Many thanks
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cliffm wrote:There is also a regular bleep from the stereo
If the BSI has been changed, its probable the the radio is no longer coded correctly. The radio will keep making a noise until it is 'paired' using the lexia software. ... s-t15.html
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