Pluriel - Intermittent roof opening problem

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Hi all
Glad I found this forum as it's been really useful so far.
Guess what, I've got a roof problem.
I've tested the motor independently which works fine.
The actuators which release hatch and rear window tested independently, all fine.

1 Roof sometimes opens to first position and has to be spoken to nicely for it to close again.
2 Rear hatch and door don't function with the buttons. I know they're linked with the roof.

1 Could it be the roof switch malfunctioning?
2 Could it be the BSI? All connections solid, fuse good.

Done all the reset solutions. No joy there either.

Can open the roof manually no problem and it opens perfectly with an independent power source.

I'm in France and there are a lot of videos from french people about this, which i'll translate and post up if I find anything useful.

I know this is a common problem but if anyone can shed any more light on this i'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
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doitall56 wrote: Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:13 pm Question
1 Could it be the roof switch malfunctioning?
2 Could it be the BSI? All connections solid, fuse good.
There is also a roof ECU, than takes those roof signals in for processing.

It can be more simple to replace the Pluriel roof switch (here) with a known working one than to try to test and intermittent fault on one.

If you suspect BSI/Roof ECU, then you will need Lexia/diagbox installed.

Intermittent could be a connector fault or a damaged loom, both time consuming to diagnose.
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