xtr panoramic sunroof fault

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My Name: woody298242

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i got a fault with the panoramic sunroof, it doesnt work on the switch in any position, is there anything simple to check before we start taking the vehicle apart. any info would be greatful

cheers andy
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Hello andy

First checks are always fuses. They are often the easiest and designed to fail.

Look for a fuse box under the bonnet and one in the glove box.

You have a choice of 2 paths - Electrical or Mechanical.

That is, Electrical is fuses, switches, motors, computer control and Mechanical is Jammed mechanism, sheared gear etc.

Pick a path and prove it,

For electrical check fuses, look for power to the switch, power to the motor

Oh, and it looks as though the computer (BSI) may be involved too!

For mechanical, see if you can move the sunroof manually (there may be an emergency winding point)

What year is the car and how many miles has it done?
My Name: woody298242

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Joined: Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:10 pm


Cheers for the quick reply.
It 04 and only 40k miles.
I have been looking for a xtr diesel for months.
I have had it one week, after have a xantia since 98 its a big change, but it has many positives.
The family has grown up.
Low tax.
Good mpg.
high ncap.
I new there would be a few faults as the car is seven years old.
woody ;)
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Hi Woody,

If you get the roof working electrically, don't be surprised if it blows the fuse again straight away - the roofs look good, but are a bit of a pain on the older car... you will find that they stiffen up, and the motor may refuse to slide it open any more than position 1 (tilted only).

If you can open open the roof to position 2, check the sides of the runners under (attached to) the sliding glass panel, there are pieces of plastic rubbing strip that may be broken and fouling the rubber guides on the roof. I have fixed mine, but is not an easy job, and best done on a dry day in the summer :)

Also, the rubber roof seals move to allow the glass to slide, inside them are runners. You can squirt grease inside if required. Don't squirt too much in though, it may block the drains

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