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Hi Guys
I have been looking at changing my wheels and tyres on my 2004 C3 1.4 HDI SX .However when i started looking at new tyres online there are three sizes suggested by all the online sellers. 185/65/15 H88 195/55/16 V87 and 205/45/17 V88 . I have had the car since September 2012 and this is the first time i have looked up this info. The label on the passenger door suggests the 185/65/15 H88.I looked at the tyres that are on the car and the are 195/55/15 not 16' as suggested by the online sellers.So someone that had the car before me must have made a mistake and bought the wrong size.Will this effect the driving as far the speedo and mileage is concerned ? My other question is the 195 tyres seem to come up first when i search online using my reg number but the label on the car says to fit the 185 tyres which size should i fit ? Many thanx for any advice you can give me
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Model: C3 2002-2005, Original shape model
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Gearbox: Manual 5 speed
Engine name: DV4 16-valve diesel (90 PS)
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I have been looking at changing my wheels and tyres
Don't buy tyres, until you have decided on which wheels you want. You will need to buy the right size tyres to fit the wheel.

Don't worry about the speedo, as the wheel size increases, the tyre profile decreases so the overall circumference is constant over the range of wheels and tyres available.

Question is, do you want the car back to standard (as it came out the factory) or are you looking to make the car look different?
If you want to change the look of the car, you have several choices

1. Go for after market wheels, never seen coming out of the factory on a C3
Try this Aftermarket Wheels - Citroen C3 (click Alloy rims on the bottom left blue panel), the tool shows a picture of your model C3, with the option to see different after-market wheels fitted.

2. Fit different Citroen C3 wheels, say from a sporty or exclusive version (with the upgraded tyre)
try Citroen C3 Wheels on eBay or look at the wheel option images below.

3. Fit the original wheels as the car was when it left the factory all those years ago.
(The advantage of this is that the insurance company will never need to know)

For ultimate compatibility, fitting the original wheels and tyres will work (see the ORGA sticker for tyre info)
find the ORGA location on the Citroen C3

For a good level of compatibility confidence, wheels and tyres from a same shape car (2004 early shape) will fit fine - there were several options fitted at the factory, depending on the spec level.

Tyre tools:
Citroen C3 tyre selector

The 14" Tigre alloy wheel appeared on some early models of the C3
Tigre 14" Citroen C3 Wheel
Tigre 14" Citroen C3 Wheel

These Lynx 15" alloy wheels were fitted to the C3 Exclusive from 2002
Lynx 15" Citroen C3 Wheel
Lynx 15" Citroen C3 Wheel

and the Coyote 15" alloys were an option on some 2002 shape cars
Coyote 15" Citroen C3 Wheel
Coyote 15" Citroen C3 Wheel

The 16" wheel is called Leopard and is the biggest diameter wheel fitted to early cars Available here as 5402.H7
Leopard 16" Citroen C3 Wheel
Leopard 16" Citroen C3 Wheel

Other factory fitments were steel wheel of 5.50 J14 (14") and the 15" 6.00 J15 that appeared plastic trimmed.

the label on the car says to fit the 185 tyres which size should i fit ?
The ORGA label is correct, but only if the original factory wheels are fitted. If the wheels have been changed, the tyre size may need to be changed. The reg number tool may be incorrect if its unable to identify your spec fully, and useless if you don't have the standard wheels.

Can you add a photo (nice and clear, close up) of the wheels you have fitted? It may help identify them.
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