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My Name: nicko

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Hi Guys,

Happy owner (so far!) of a used 2003 C3 HDI SX. I've only had the car a few weeks and I'm just trying to work out if everything is functioning as it should be.

I'm particularly confused about the trip computer and dash functions. Firstly, if I push the button on the r/h side of my trip computer (central console) display, I get a degrees C indicator but no reading. Now, I have done some digging on here and I realise now that the temp sensor for this should be sticking out from under the drivers side mirror - is this correct? On mine, there is a hole where I think this sensor should be, which might explain why there's no reading. Is this correct? This display doesn't seem to offer any other functions (such as mpg, av mpg etc) - I was under the impression that this is what it was supposed to do? How many different models of trip computer are there and how do you know what you should have fitted and what it should do?

On the actual drivers dash, on my friend's 2003 sx petrol, when her fuel gauge gets to the final bar, it tells her automatically how many miles she has left on her reserve tank. Mine does not do this. Were different dashes also fitted too?

There is also this button on the end of the l/h stalk that seems to do absolutely nothing - whats going on here?

Sorry for the crazy questioning - just trying to work out what's going on :-)

Many Thanks for any help

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My Name: Arfur Dent

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Hello nicko, welcome to the citroen c3 forum.

I think this post was made for you: ... 3-t81.html

Its all about the temperature sensor.

(the right button should toggle the display to show the current outside temperature)

the 2003 HDi SX doesn't show how many miles are left in the tank, just orange lights on the dashboard, no MPG or anything else useful.

the button on the end of the left hand stalk toggles on/off the automatic headlights (if the option was fitted). Its a push and hold and wait for the beep thing.

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