Side protection Moulding

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Hey all again, I seem to be spending a lot of time asking questions here.
So my next one is regarding the doors. When looking at the doors on the outside of my 07 c3 we can see the protective mouldings, I am wanting to wrap these. So my question, had anyone had these off before? is it just a matter of popping clips? or is it a much bigger job.

Any answers regarding this, and of course images would be great. No worries if not.

Thanks again in advance.

I still have pictures to upload of the radio unit, People were asking questions regarding wire colours.
Also I had asked about the headlights, I have decided to roll with the night breakers that had been suggested to me. So I wont be able to advise about the higher powered H7 + H1's.
Next weekend I am working with the car, so I shall get some images uploaded then.
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