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Hello all!

I have owned my C3 Pluriel for a little over 48 hours now and things have gone wrong. The dealer replaced the steering rack and motor a week before I bought it and all seemed well. When I started the car today, the power steering failed to engage. After a few attempts at turning it off and then starting again, it kicked in. After about 30 seconds of driving, the wheel violently turns itself a quarter turn to the right. This happens two - three times and is accompanied by a noise. The jolt is so violent it takes all my grip to hold the wheel. (I'm no small chap)! After this, all is fine again. The dealer said that the car had been jump started and that this had erased all the data on the ECU. This was before they replaced the steering rack and only replaced it as they did not have the diagnostic equipment. The car was later re-programmed and had the data installed but do you think there are any other issues here? will a new ECU sort this out? My wife and I love the car and would hate to part with it so soon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The car is covered via a warranty but I would like to understand the issue a little myself.

2005 Citroen C3 Pluriel
1.4i petrol
5 speed manual
80k miles
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Trim Level: VTR+
Gearbox: Manual 5 speed
Engine name: TU3 (75 PS)
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Hello AJG101,

The electric steering and steering ECU is going to be the same for the pluriel as the other citroen C3 models, so this info should apply to all the C3s.
AJG101 wrote:the car had been jump started and that this had erased all the data on the ECU
Jump starting or 'boosting' cars with ECU units need to be carried out carefully and the right way to lessen the chance of ECU damage. The C3 often suffers from problem caused by jump starting, but I understand its not the steering ECU that gets fried, but the BSI or Injection ECU.

I say fried, as in damaged internally, rather than just the data getting wiped off - if only it was that easy!

The steering motor is controlled by the steering ECU which gets its direction from the steering wheel sensor. If either of these are damaged, you get no power steering or unpredictable power steering.

Sometimes the steering ECU gets itself locked up, and you don't get power steering after starting the engine, but its very rare and cured by stopping the engine, ignition off, and key out, then start again.

Steering ECU should have been changed if the ECU was damaged by jump starting, so hopefully this is going to fix it.
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