Passenger Rear light indicator stopped working

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Hi I have a 2009 C3 Diesel my rear passenger side indicator stopped working so I undid the unit and changed the bulb, the stop/tail bulb also needed changing! On reconnecting everything was working then down the road the indicator stopped again. I have found that the connector seems to be loose! If I pull it out a bit the indicator works but not the rear light if I clip it in fully the indicator does not work. Should I get a new unit that the bulbs fit into (PBT-GT20) not sure of the correct name or does anyone know what to do?? thanks
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Welcome to the forum bluetntmo

Citroen C3 Rear Light Cluster
Citroen C3 Rear Light Cluster
The bit you are having trouble with is the bit on the left marked 'B'. It is the part that carries the electrical conductors and the physical mounting for the lamps.

Often faults like this are due to poor electrical connections. You should inspect that the connections and see that they are not contaminated or have a chalky residue where they touch the bulb contacts. This can be caused by water or moisture getting into the lamp unit. Clean them up with some abrasive or a Fibreglass Pen. Bending the connectors can help by making the bulb sit more snugly, providing a stronger contact for the electrical connectors. Check too, that there is no evidence of water getting into the wiring harness plug that connects to the lamps carrier board. Some electrical contact cleaner spray can help too.

Check the cluster plug doesn't show any signs of overheating, melting or deformed plastic or anything amiss. this topic - Multiple light system faults displaying on dashboard - FIX has pictures and a solution to this.

It would be worth checking you have the correct bulbs fitted, its easily overlooked, yet easily rectified.

10. 12v 21/5W BAY15D

11. 12v 21W BAU15S

12. 12v 21W BA15S

12. 12v 21W BA15S

(There are 2 marked 12 as they are both the same type of bulb)

New Rear light clusters for a Citroen C3 2007 are available on eBay which come with part A and part B.

They are not sold separately :(
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