Parking Sensor Warning Light and Alarm

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I have an automatic 55 C3 with factory fitted parking sensors. When I select reverse gear, the reversing sensor switch flashes and I get an audible tone. The owners manual states that I should take it to a dealer.

Does anyone know what the problem maybe?


Diddy :roll:
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Welcome to the forum Dundalkdiddy,

Does the fault coincide with pressure washing of the bumper?

I think the first things to check are the sensors in the bumper and their associated wiring. The fault could be due to a faulty sensor, just one hopefully. Find another sensor and then substitute each sensor in turn until the fault clears itself. While you are substituting, check the wiring at the same time.

There are some C3 parking sensors here that will replace a faulty one.

Citroen C3 Parking Sensor
Citroen C3 Parking Sensor
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